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HARRIET – December 4th 2018

Lisa, Charles, Noémie and Léa , Junior year, Edouard Herriot Highschool

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We went to this show with our English class, and we would like today to express our personal impressions
The decor, as modern as it was, felt perfectly appropriate to the music and singing. The long white threads looked like a soft curtain emphasizing a separation between the back of the scene, containing the instruments and expressing more intimate feelings, and the front of the scene where the characters seemed as if they were almost into the public, telling us their stories. The choice of colors was wise as it purified the show, the story and made it even more striking. 

The show which presented the mysterious life of Harriet Tubman was also amazing by the music choice. The Mexican composer Hilda Paredes showed a professional and awesome performance by using a wide variety of instruments as percussion instruments like the Rainstick which aims to put the public in the atmosphere of Harriet’s journeys through fields and danger. We cannot qualify her music as an African or afro-Americano one because Hilda Paredes mixed different types of music which resulted to create hers. Along the show, with little sounds and sentences, she formed an uncanny music which generated an uncomfortable feeling among the spectators who aren’t used to this new type of music. However she did not stop there. Her will to surprise us as the story of Harriet was also present in her singes’ choice. Naomi Beeldens and Claron McFadden,the two singers made an incredible singing show. The soprano Claron McFadden who embodied Harriet Tubman let the audience speechless. Her amazing voice enabled her to go from bass to treble sounds effortlessly. I can also underline the incredible work of the other musicians who accompanied the singers. Their harsh job which consisted to play a multitude of instruments in short laps of time was perfectly realized. Actually the composer’s work makes us be impatient to discover her next project.

Claron Mc Fadden, playing the role of Harriet Tubman, amazed us as she was completely embodying this admirable and brave character, bringing her back to life. She did that thrilling thing where she seemed as much lost in the passionate feelings of the original heroine and overwhelmed, as totally in control of her acting game and emotions she wanted to transmit. Her talent as an actor was marvelous as during the show we can’t recognized her but we only see Harriet. She embodied her character perfectly. The voice of Claron and her co-worker were just beautiful. At the same time they had this strength and composure that make this presence powerful and make the public transported by her in her world and it’s really the result of her talent as an actress. With this show we better understand how people victim of slavery felt, how they suffered and how a simple woman can change the life of hundred lives only with determination and courage

To conclude, we would say that this piece was pure art and that the whole team did an amazing job to deliver the testimony of such a powerful and complex figure as Harriet Tubman was in her time and still today. She makes us fell the story teach us the story of a real life super heroes and I think she deserved this tribute.

Bravo again, and thanks for having given us such a unique occasion to see your work and talent,

Lisa, Charles, Noémie and Léa , Junior year, Edouard Herriot Highschool - Lyon 6°, France