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The Glass Shore by Sinead Gleeson
Article mis en ligne le 3 juin 2021

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The Glass Shore by Sinead Gleeson

Les élèves de 1re euro ont participé au projet des Assises du Roman organisé par la villa Gillet et ont eu la chance d’assister à une table ronde avec l’auteure en visio conférence de Dublin. Voici leurs créations sur le thème de la frontière suite à la lecture de son livre !

Alice Legal (1re 07)

Giving birth to this book is opening the reader’s mind to new shores.

Letting women express their memories, their injustices, their habits, mirrored in

An anthology without borders but letting all the place to diversity, is what

Sinead Gleeson, true-hearted and determined, has done, assembling a puzzle of short stories.

She brought to the surface new voices like the sea glass is tossed by the waves on the beach and

Smoothed to become jewels, after being broken into pieces. Finally just as women ?

Hard work enabled her to acknowledge and to make visible the talents of these authors and the

Obstacles that women face every day to break the glass ceiling.

Reading the Glass Shore is looking in a mirror that doesn’t belong to us but learning from the reflect as if it was

Embark on this book, and come back full of adventures.

Cynthia Cortès-Kissane (1re 06)

Gleeson Sinead

Leaves her readers always surprised when they land on The Glass Shore

A foam of diversity of short stories strikes them and fills their thirst for more.

She, as a committed feminist, uses her rigor of selection to draw the painting of an ensemble of forgotten women writers

Showing their unknown colors to the surface,

Swimming right in the borders to erase the geographical and psychological frontiers that divided the human race,

Or to promote an honorable culture of unity, she uses this glass to

Reflect our past and lead us to an open-minded and tolerant ideal by the

Evolving erosion of those quixoticand historical waves.

Juliette Russier (1re 6)


– Pour 600 pounds of Irish landscapes, historical and societal background

– Mix them with 400 pounds of female writers’ and protagonists’ gaze until you gain a very smooth paste

– Create a little well in the middle of the paste and incorporate the yellow part of 2 or more allegoric ghosts in order to give a bit more fluidity to it ; the more yellows you add the more fluid it will be

– Cut 300 pounds of 90% non-understood mental sorrow into thin nuggets and share them equally into the paste to create a contrast between the solid paste and the melting nuggets

– Sprinkle a generous pinch of Romeo and Juliet’s tragedy spices in order to enhance the cakes’ taste and not to make it bland

– Add 1 full pouch of will to change mindsets in order to make the paste swell to the top of the molds

– Beat the allegoric ghosts’ whites until stiff and fold them carefully into the paste to make it lighter and easier to digest

– Pour the paste into muffin molds because the glass shore always tastes better when the paste is separated into smaller cakes

– Before baking the glass shore, spread a sauce made of all the tears and blood constantly shed because of the Irish border crisis to make them look shiny and bruising like pieces of glass

– Bake the glass shore during the time it took to you to find out your own identity, and at the equivalent temperature

– Enjoy while it is still warm with all the anger between Unionists and Nationalists to create a flavor explosion !

Martin Breuil (1re 7)

The words are powerful

Just one reading

Show you images, thoughts and feeling

Sadness and joy, ugliness and beauty.

Of course at the beginning

Words don’t seem to be such a thing.

Wait for the author

To put them together

You’ll understand what I mean.

All these stories

Of all the colors

Like rocks on a glass shore,

Make you travel

Around humantity.